Terms And Conditions
The terms and conditions laid down on this page are final and binding to both the parties – the User and A1 grade tutors, the company. Any disputes inspite of, or over and above these terms, or disagreement of the terms mentioned here, will be dealt under the common jurisdiction of the A1 tutor company homeland.
  • A1 grade identifies its Tutor’s ability to conduct the tutoring job with prudency and concern, under the governing education legislation in its homeland. On any event of misconduct of the tutor, for any reason whatsoever A1 grade cannot be held responsible.
  • Our recruitment of tutors does not guarantee that the tutor will perform within the realm of genuine interest for the company or the user. There are no warranties, expressed or implied that you the student will always score the top grade.
  • Tutors enrolled with A1 grade are individuals for whom we do not undertake any kind of legal liability in case of any legal offense committed by them using our portal technology / any other A1 grade resources / any resources at the user’s end.
  • We do not promote any specific websites/concepts/views expressed by the tutor during the tutoring sessions. These views/concepts are momentarily expressed by the tutor to explain a concept and not to promote any specific views. A1 grade will not be held liable for any liability for such expressions written/verbal by the tutor.
  • A1 grade abides to act under the Consumer and Data protection law prevailing in its homeland. A1 grade has all intentions to follow these laws and it will not tolerate/co-operate with any kind of mis-representation, ambiguity, manipulation and fraudulent activity conducted by the tutor/the user/the permanent staff members.
  • A1 grade holds the right to discontinue the delivery of its services to the user/the tutor, any time due to any act that is considered to be against the interest of the company.
  • A1 will communicate the discontinuation of its services through an e-mail which will also be treated as the sole and final decision of the company.