Sociology is a social science that covers the human behavior in various fields such as politics, law, health, marriage, psychology, environment, culture and many other fields. The human behavior in a particular social setting is studied to explore its relevance to the outcome that it produces.
The study of sociology can be used to explore various problems such as:
  • Reasons to a bad first marriage
  • Reasons to a good second marriage
  • Common reasons to Depression and suicidal tendencies within the young population
  • Does the rapist deserve a death sentence?
  • Would it be alright if the use of paper is curbed totally, to save trees?
  • Cultural ramifications of following spiritualism or a different religion
  • Is low sexual potency and low fertility related to a stressful work environment in the 21st Century?
A1 tutors derive the significance of issues such as above according to the school/college syllabus. These issues form the basis of new research areas that carry a profound impact on the societal behavior.
For instance,
  • If a particular jurisdiction becomes liberal about divorce cases and grants quick settlement; there are chances that people who are unhappy with their marriage will file for a divorce in the hope of getting it faster.
  • Or if a particular jurisdiction becomes liberal about product liability claims, there are chances that that region will see unhappy customers sue the product manufacturers for producing faulty products. Further to this, the compensation for damages paid by the manufacturer to the customer may also go too high or too low depending on the legal trend.
A1 tutors help the students in appreciating new trends that are part of the subject of sociology. Now, this could be anything from teenage pregnancies to drug abuse, these issues have an impact on the society in one way or another. Hence, it is important to study the subject of sociology in the light of these real issues.
A1 tutors encourages the student to follow certain virtues to become confident about their understanding of the subject of sociology
  • Writing essays about current social issues
  • Preparing case studies about current social
  • Prepare some kind of content that portrays the challenges of the social scenario. It could be a video, drawing, collage, a monument or an archive of pictures.
A1 tutor finds new ways of learning a subject for us to enhance the interest level of students and boost their performance.