Science is a field which contains many sub-fields such as chemistry, physics, and biology and there are new upcoming fields such as robotics and biotechnology. Science is the study of various laws of motion, distance and time in physics; chemical reactions, atoms and molecules in chemistry; living organism and their habitat in Biology. Robotics and Biotechnology are fields that can also be categorized in both the engineering and science field. Engineering because it is technology and science because it is technology applied to the subject of biology.
Science is a subject based on research and analysis and it is used to find the facts about the living beings, natural surroundings and even knowledge about spatial phenomenon such as stars, planets and their interaction. People working in such specialized fields are called research scientists of that specific field.
For instance,
  • Data scientist
  • Aerospace scientist
  • Computer scientist
  • Marine Biology scientist
  • Medical research scientist
  • Environmental scientist
These fields are entirely different in a way that they deal with individual subjects. We encourage students to pursue their scientific interest in one of the fields. This way they can give a direction to their career and achieve miraculous results. We also conduct aptitude tests for students for them to explore the various career options in the field of science. Students can then associate themselves with a specific career and they can also build their faculties to excel in that specific field.
In the 21st century, science is no longer restricted to research done in the laboratories. With immense advancement in technology in the areas of telecommunication, engineering technology, scientists today can explore geographies and make new discoveries efficiently and effectively.
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  • Our tutors prepare worksheets, lesson plans and project files for all of the science subjects
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  • We encourage students to explore new phenomenon in the field of light, radiation, plant life, sea life and so on for their own academic benefit.