Psychology is the science about observing and analyzing human behavior to help humans deal through their emotional and intellectual changes in a better way. Psychology may not be a perfect science that makes 100% corrections in the errors of human behavior; but psychology certainly builds on enhancing the predicament faced by humans while adapting and responding to social interactions and perceptions about the society. The societal perceptions area falls under the social psychology, a sub-field of psychology.
Interpreting the human mind is not possible entirely but the science of psychology does make substantial difference in the lives of many people. We don’t wear the psychology hat while dealing with situations and hence we as laymen become confused to different behaviors and life style changes. And we may start feeling anxious, frustrated and confused on a daily basis, this becomes a challenge due to the pattern that it sets upon the affected individuals.  

There are various disorders related to the human mind and they are classified according to the specific area of psychology. A brief outlook to the kind of classification that is done in the field of psychology is mentioned in the table below.

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