Privacy Policy
A1 grade tutors’ shares its genuine concern on this page about keeping the user data protected. We strictly abide by the data protection law prevalent in our country. Our homeland court decision will be considered final for resolving any disputes that may be raised by the concerned parties. 
In this agreement, the user means our existing customers both one-time and repeat users. The term user in this agreement also connotes new users that sign up fresh with us. A1 means ‘the company A1 grade tutors’ that is established on the physical address mentioned on the website.
  1. A1 will always work in the best interest of the user as long as this interest does not compromise any legal foundations laid by its homeland legislation for the purpose of tutoring business.
  2. A1 will not use the user profile data for reasons other than the reason for which the data is obtained from the user. The user profile data will be stored until the time the user maintains the profile on our website. The user profile may be deleted if such instructions are given to us by the user. We may or may not delete the user profile due to an enduring period of user inactivity on our website. But it is unlikely that we will do so.
  3. Once the user has signed up for our services, we hold the right to contact the user for any promotional activity of A1 such as discount schemes and introduction of additional services.
  4. A1 will not disclose the user profile data and other data to any of the third parties. Such data may be shared by the User with the tutor, during tutoring sessions and it will be kept confidential, by all means.
  5. The scope of all of the services provided by A1 will be limited to the agreed service commitment given by the tutor to the student/student parent. The scope is only bound to increase, if one of the parties, A1 tutor/student expresses their intention to do so. This expression of interest in further expanding the scope of services shall be confirmed by e-mail communication.
  6. The e-mail address mentioned by the user in the user profile form on the website will be treated as the official e-mail address of the customer for all further communication. The e-mail address can be changed at any time by the user, if the user intends to do so.
  7. The scope of A1 e-mail communication with the user will include the following:
  • The agreement copy that indicates the service level between the user and the A1 tutor will be emailed to the user as soon as A1 receives its first tutoring / assignment help request.
  • This service level agreement will remain binding on both the A1 and the user until the time it is revoked by any of the two parties by denial of interest due to any reason whatsoever.
  • Usually such a scenario will be an exception and agreements appear to become null and void only when the user is unsatisfied with the company services or the tutor fails to help the student due to the student’s inability to perform for any reason whatsoever.      
  • A1 has the right to send emails, regarding updates about tutoring sessions and assignment help solutions from time to time, as and when the following happens:
  • A tutor expresses interest in working on the user’s assignment or to teach the user online.
  • A user pays the stipulated fees to the company.
  • The Tutor cancels an appointment.
  • The User cancels an appointment.
  • The Tutor/User decline further interest in working on the assignment. In such a scenario, all the necessary refund will be disbursed to the student’s account. In case, the User has not paid for any reason he/she shall make an immediate payment for the tutor services before declining interest in working further with the tutor.