Online Tutoring
Let us accept it - we live in a virtual world that is getting exceedingly simpler and beautiful! Today, everything is available within the comfort of your home. All you have to do is find the right product/service provider and get what you deserve – in our case, an excellent tutoring service. We have no doubts that the online-tutoring service is a boon to the academic life of students.
Just imagine a scenario: John a 9th grade student came home and told his mum – Mom, we are to appear for an exam this Friday. Well, Mum being so kind and compassionate would definitely help her child John with his daily chores such as fixing him a warm soup and a cozy blanket. But here is the thing; John needs extra care because he is hassled with the upcoming exam. Now, what is mum to do? Is she supposed to call for a tutor at home? Well, that is not possible because it’s raining cats & dogs outside. And it would get ugly if mum does not have a clue about the subject for which the exam is scheduled on Friday. John starts getting more and more anxious about the exam from Monday through Friday and consequently life becomes stressful for John.
We at A1 grade tutors’ hate such scenarios and so we are there to help the many angels like John out there, who may face a similar situation. See, no child is dumb! And students become successful only because they play a different game. What is that game? It is simple; they prepare by opting the best available tutoring assistance and give their best attempt. It sounds simplistic but, how is one to explore an opportunity without the right learning tools and methodology?
This is where A1 grade tutors’ offers its assistance.
We do it in few simple steps as mentioned below:
  • Understand the exam requirements – subject, topics covered, and notes
  • Provide an expert suitable to teach the particular subject
  • Provide the expert with all the essential tools – Online library access and our knowledge bank
  • Expert proposes a study plan
  • Student accepts/recommends changes
  • Student accepts the proposed/modified study plan and pays the fees
  • Tutor works with the student
  • Student scores good grade in the exam
Here, every exam may take a different turn depending on the academic institute and class teacher and hence, it is a little challenging the first time because our tutor is yet to know about the student’s learning style and pace. Once we are through with the first time, we assure that your child will crack every next assignment and examination with flying colors.