Management is the science of managing people and achieving the highest possible output from their work in a given time frame. There are managers working in all types of corporate companies who may manage a group of 5, 100, or even 1000 sub-ordinates. The number of people to be managed depends on the size of the company and also on the manager’s capacity to delegate responsibilities and seeing that means meet ends.
Management is a subject in which best practices are developed in the following areas:

Management as a subject includes all of the above or any one of the above depending on the electives that the student decides to pursue. In a MBA course all subjects are included and even more because the above data is not exhaustive. There could be another addition to the information – Financial management – An area in which the manager helps the company to manage its finances for all activities or a specific activity. The finance manager could project the financial budget for a new plant that the company is planning to set up; or the finance manager could project the profits expected from a new marketing campaign. Now, when it comes to a marketing campaign – it could also be the duty of a marketing manager to manage the launch of a new marketing campaign. And when it comes to estimating the budget for a machinery plant – it could also be the duty of a project manager to do the projection for the resources or in other words a feasibility study about ‘how the machinery plant can be established’ Although, these are designations that are role-specific; so some companies may name the role player as a business analyst and some may call it research analyst. This varies from company to company.
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