Finance is about planning the individual/corporate finance management with a calculative mind and using the right theory/methodology to reach an achievable goal. Decision making is crucial in financial management, be it for individual or corporate finance management. The finance student is required to analyze each case for its merits and demerits and reach to a conclusion whether a project will accrue a profit or loss. The factors such as investment, rate of interest, number of years to complete the project are mentioned in the assignment. All the student is required to do is take a finance manager approach and calculate the returns per year and reach a conclusion about – how risky is the project? And whether or not it is doable – this is also called feasibility study.
This is one aspect of finance and there are other aspects such as financing a marketing plan, planning to raise money in the capital market and so on and so forth. A1 tutors guide students in their understanding about using the right financial theory for a particular assignment.
Our finance tutors follow a few basic principles while providing finance homework help:
  • Work on different theories such as Time value of money, Interest rates, Foreign exchange and so on in the light of practical examples.
  • Although our tutors are MBA and PHD in finance, they usually do not take the PHD level teaching approach and make things complex. Our tutors take a simple teaching approach by explaining assignments to students on the individual level and then helping them solve the problem on a corporate and macro level.
  • We provide finance homework help that involves the application of theories in the best ways feasible to meet the financial goals for an individual or a company.
  • Finance is a practical and real-time application oriented subject. Hence we help the student approach the finance home work with an approach that is keen to solve problems and add value to the assignment by producing new ideas.
  • Our approach is anything but not rigid because rigidity could make any subject boring and we don’t like creating solutions that come after approaching a problem in a rigid way. Our tutors use flexibility and application of theoretical concepts selectively to arrive at the correct solution to the assignment.