1. Who are A1 Grade Tutors?
A1 grade tutors are in the business of assignments/tutoring to provide learning opportunities to students founded by two PhD’s from US. We do this by leveraging on our technological infrastructure as well as our excellent train the trainers’ facility. We upgrade the knowledge of all our tutors from time to time, so that they are well-equipped to teach you and provide you with best assignment help.

2. Why should we sign up with A1 and not any other tutoring service provider?
Firstly, we believe in being efficient at what we do – that is teaching students who score different grades and students who belong to different cultures, family background, beliefs and locations. Our tutoring process does not allow our tutors to attach any biases to any student for any reason whatsoever. We meticulously design a curriculum plan for each student depending on the student’s style and pace to learn the subject.

3. How can you help the students in fulfilling their academic goals?
A1 grade tutors’ is a company formed by two PhD’s from US with a vision to be the guiding and helping light of knowledge for the student. We do not leave it to the student after the session or assignment is over. It is our effort to always be in touch with the student and understand the student’s specific needs and concerns with regards to the learning curve that is the entire learning process.

4. How can we make the payment?
We accept payments by one convenient and safe mode:

To know more about our secured payment gateway, please contact our online representative. The customer support representative will be happy to answer all your questions until you are clear about everything. So please go ahead and do not hesitate to click the online chat link. Now!

5. How can we know about your assignment help charges?
Please drop us an email with the home-work/assignment/tutoring requirements attached and give us few hours to respond. You will get a response email that includes the estimated quotation and assurance regarding the delivery of assignment within the deadline. In case you opted for a tutoring session service, we will email you with a curriculum plan that includes the estimate, all the required inputs and expected outputs. Once you sign up with us you get to interact with the tutors directly and what makes us reliable is that we monitor our tutor performance and grade each tutor on their performance. So it is not just the students’ who are being graded by their schools/colleges – A1 rates its tutors’ on their ability to help the students and make the academic life of students’ comfortable.