The significance and level of English taught increases as the student progresses to the next class in school and college. The English language comes with its own nuances: English grammar, English essay writing, English Reading and Comprehension, English poems and English literature reading. Learning English requires the student to appreciate all of these above mentioned elements.
English being a language it is also an art to learn it and hence it comes to a learner naturally as a student imbibes the habits of reading, listening, writing and speaking the language. However the most important thing is one should appreciate the linguistic development process and not try to make comparisons about ‘who is better’? Learning a language takes time, patience and most of all the desire to excel. You learn not because you want to be better than others but for your own development and gratification. This is the foundation that we lay within the students in order for them to become great learners who have the ability to share amongst each other the fruits of knowledge.
In addition, to the student’s knowledge in the English language, what develops is the ability to read and grasp information in any subject. This is because once you know the language communicating information about any subject becomes easy. All it takes to learn something is the level of interest in the learning process, liking for the subject and the patience of following a virtue for a substantial period of time.
A1 tutors inculcate within the students a seed of desire to learn and what grows over the years is – a beautiful plant which bears healthy fruits of knowledge and wisdom.
A1 tutors provide English Homework Help service that excels industry standards and develops the student grades to the expected level.

A1 tutors follow a specific methodology for delivering the homework help services to students:
  • Our tutors work round the clock on each assignment in a holistic way
  • We do not compromise on any aspect of the assignment because we know that it is also up to us to inculcate within the students the thirst for excellence
  • We gather and distribute information within our students from time to time and we also make a plethora of resources available to the students
  • Most of all we design a language learning process to polish the linguistic ability within each of our students.
Our tutors have designed concept maps that relate one concept of the language to another. It is not a jigsaw puzzle but what really comes out is a pattern of teaching and learning methodology designed within the curriculum itself. This is because there is no point working on the assignments blindly without seeing the pattern and join the missing dots.