Chemistry is a science of matter and its different forms such as atoms, particles and their bonding. Matter is present within space and time; it contains mass, energy and ability to move from one point in space to another point in space. Scientists can analyze matter and discover its significance in time and space. What contains in the infinite space? This is certainly a question that would create amazement in any learner’s mind. Chemistry explores what matter fills the space? and how it affects other matter? And then what happens when one type of molecule interacts with another molecule? The formation of protons, neutrons, electrons and the energy within these elements is a subject of high interest.
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We follow certain essentials while carefully attempting to solve each assignment:
  • Presentation style
A1 tutors maintain clarity and precision while writing each assignment because we understand the importance of prompt presentation style. We are careful with using scientific terminology because even the slightest difference between how words are written makes a difference.
  • Structure
Our tutors adopt a unique structure for each assignment depending on the requirements, word length, scope of the assignment and grading criteria.
  • Graphics
We use diagrams, figures and tables along with images that are not copyrighted. The usage of graphics creates a great first impression in the assignment evaluators mind.
  • Formulas
Formulas describe how on type of chemical reacts with another type of chemical. This is significant because the entire theme of the subject lies within one equation. Hence our tutors cautiously describe each formula with focus on the alphabets and integers used.
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