Biology is an intriguing subject and it deals with living organisms and their survival.Our Biology online tutors make it a point to develop the student’s interest level and aptitude in the subject. A1 tutors take a lateral approach towards Biology tutoring.
A1 tutors follow a few steps before starting the online tutoring session:

    Student’s grade and aptitude: We begin by understanding each student’s aptitude towards Biology and the current performance of the student. In addition, we speak to the parent about how they would like to improve their child’s grades in Biology? We do this because every individual is different and we cannot use the same teaching methodology for everyone. Hence, we customize our training effort in order to best suit the student’s requirement.

    Curriculum: Our tutors prepare a brief about the Biology curriculum and expected homework assignments. If the student has enrolled with us for online tutoring as well as assignment help, we guide them with the expected assignments and questions in term end exam. We do this as part of our online tutoring services. A1 tutors are extremely proactive in keeping the students on the right path, to help them achieve outstanding results.

    Result matters: A1 tutors believe that only result matters because it is not fair on our part to show the parent a rosy picture and during failure, say that ‘we are not responsible because your child did not study’. This is not our style of teaching. We encourage students to be transparent about their academic activities and let their parents know about their progress. We do this because, we understand it is the student’s parents who are ultimately investing in us. And it is needless to say that every parent has some expectations from their children. We live up to the parent’s and child’s expectations and that is what we call our online tutoring success.

    Tutoring content: Be it online tutoring or face-to-face tutoring, Content is one of the biggest assets of the tutor as well as the student. The right curriculum is the one which can be assimilated by students with ease. Hence, A1 tutors explore the best ways of delivering teaching content to their students. Our tutors show online Biology videos to students and may be ask them to pen down their thoughts about the video or discuss with us. Sometimes we play a game of ‘Identify the living organism’ in which the student is asked to identify the animal, mammal, trees, flowers, plants and other living organisms.

The idea is to encourage the student to learn more by intriguing the learning faculties and make the student thirsty for knowledge. We believe that the thirst of knowledge is present in every human being and it only needs to be provoked by following some basic etiquette.